Graham Wegner

Adelaide, South Australia
Current employment: ICT Coordinator, Lockleys North Primary School.
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Blog: Teaching Generation Z

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"I found Graham Wegner’s blog - Teaching Generation Z. I had come across Graham’s name before on ELGG, and his blog is a mine of worthwhile material. He likes the extended post, it seems, and, with his primary school context, I immediately identified a kindred spirit in his attitudes and interests!" John Connell

"I just finished reading Daniel Pink’s //A whole new mind// the other day and some of his ideas fit in really well with the discussion that’s been going on about the need for vision for technology and learning during the last couple of days, including Wes Fryer, Graham Wegner, Sharon Peters, and myself." Mark van 't Hooft

"In blogspace, as Graham Wegner pointed out a few months ago, //comments are the lifeblood of blogs//. So I boldly comment, and try not to worry about it." Doug Noon

"Looking through the list of Australian edubloggers on their wiki, stumbled upon Graham Wegner’s edublog on //Teaching Generation Z//, which I’ve immediately added to my bloglines subscriptions. I liked the focus on web 2.0 learning and the lively engagement with the ideas, that fact that it’s Australian as well as the humour, such as Graham’s comic strip on the future of education." Warrick Wynne

"Graham provides an excellent local example in terms of exploring and promoting Web 2.0 tools for professional learning. Please check out Graham’s blog and his ‘CEGSA Wrap Up.’ It was wonderful to present workshops and a presentation on our different contributions and perspectives." Al Upton